PRP therapy is one of the regenerative medicine (medical treatment to regenerate functions of cells, tissues, and organs that are lost due to injury or aging), and is a treatment method that draws out the "natural healing ability" we human have and can solve various skin problems caused by aging, UV rays, and other damages.


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PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which is a highly concentrated form of platelets from the blood. Platelets include various growth factors. Growth factors contained in platelets have the ability to heal damaged tissues, so this treatment method enhances natural healing power and promotes healing by aggregation of these platelets and injecting them into the damaged area. This principle was first applied to regenerate alveolar bone (bone that supports teeth) during implant treatment in the field of dental surgery, and has since been applied to many fields including cosmetic medicine.


What is PRP therapy?

PRP therapy is a treatment that is based on the application of platelet growth factors. This treatment uses PRP (platelet-rich plasma), which is made from your own blood. PRP contains 3 to 7 times more platelets than in the uncentrifuged blood.By centrifuging the collected blood, it can be divided into a plasma (components of blood other than blood cells) layer and a red blood cell layer. The lower layer of the plasma layer contains high concentration of platelets and PRP is created from this layer.

The lower plasma layer contains platelets in the range of 150,000-400,000/μL. When blood vessels are damaged due to injury, bleeding occurs from the damaged area. Platelets quickly rush to the injured area to stop the bleeding. The important function of platelets in hemostasis is to adhere and aggregate at the site of vascular injury. They then call out other platelets and further aggregate at the site of injury. This adhesion of platelets forms a thrombus (blood clot) and hemostasis is achieved. Platelets release a number of proteins and growth factors as well as factors that promote hemostasis. PRP releases growth factors that are important for regenerative medicine. These growth factors promote hair follicle growth, adipogenesis, angiogenesis, and the construction of the extracellular matrix (dermis). For these reasons, PRP has been shown to be effective for many dermatological conditions and anti-aging. However, because blood varies individually, platelet counts also vary, and people with low platelet counts may have difficulty obtaining the benefits of PRP. The number of platelets also varies depending on techniques used to create PRP. Please ask our doctors and staff for more details.

History of PRP therapy

The history of PRP dates back to the 1950s, when researchers in Europe and the U.S. developed a method of creating PRP in the course of studying the mechanism of blood coagulation. Many famous athletes have recovered with PRP therapy. Football player Hines Ward was the first professional athlete to receive PRP therapy. He injured his collateral ligament in his knee while playing and was expected to take 4-6 weeks to recover from the injury. Since then, regenerative medicine using PRP therapy has spread rapidly in the sports world, and professional golfer Tiger Woods, tennis player Rafael Nadal, and major league baseball player Shohei Otani have also undergone PRP therapy. The safety and effectiveness of PRP therapy have been widely demonstrated in many cases, and it is now widely used in a wide range of medical departments, including cardiovascular surgery, pediatric surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, plastic surgery, and ophthalmology. Recently, it has also been applied to cosmetic medicine.


Treatment of
wrinkles or laugh lines.

Skin aging is notable when the skin loses its firmness due to a decrease in collagen. This skin aging is caused by both internal and external factors. For example, photoaging is caused by ultraviolet rays. When the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, collagen synthesis is reduced, resulting in skin damage. UV rays also synthesize melanin, which causes skin blemishes.

Exposure to ultraviolet rays causes skin aging, resulting in a decrease in collagen and elastin, a delay in skin turnover, and consequent loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles, and sagging. Research has shown that PRP repairs skin damaged by ultraviolet rays and protects the skin from photoaging.

Also PRP stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, which keep the skin firm.PRP has been applied to beauty treatment and It has been reported that PRP therapy restored skin elasticity, wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, between the eyebrows, marionette lines, and laugh lines. Those wrinkles became thinner, and pores were smaller.

AGA and FAGA treatment(Alopecia, loss of hair)

PRP is also effective for AGA(Androgenetic alopecia). AGA occurs when the hair quickly becomes fine or thinner, and hair growth stops earlier than normal. The application of PRP to AGA treatment promotes hair growth by lengthening the growth period of hair by work of growth factors released by PRP.

AGA occurs when the hair quickly becomes fine or thin and enters the resting phase earlier than normal.
The growth factors and cytokines released by PRP act on the bulge region in the dermis to promote hair growth. The bulge region contains "follicular stem cells," which increase the number of cells that make up hair by cell division, and "pigment stem cells," which produce melanocytes and create black hair. Among the growth factors released by PRP, some reports suggest that EGF and TGF in particular are involved in the regulation of growth and differentiation in the bulge region. By lengthening the growth phase of the hair, VEGF, EGF, HGF, FHF, and IGF-1 stimulate angiogenesis and increase the number of blood vessels around the hair follicle. These factors work together to promote dermal papilla cell proliferation and survival and angiogenesis.

In case of female alopecia、There are various causes such as female hormone decline as well as the involvement of dihydrotestosterone (male hormone), a substance that causes the onset of male pattern baldness. Unfortunately treatment options are fewer than for male alopecia, thus treatment with PRP therapy is recommended.

Acne scar

PPRP has been shown to be effective in treating acne scars and other scars because it promotes the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and other important elements of the skin.Growth factors in PRP have been shown in many cases to flatten raised scars.The growth factors contained in PRP proliferate fibroblasts, producing collagen and elastin and promoting skin regeneration. It has been shown to increase the amount of collagen and elastin to a greater extent, especially when combined with other methods such as dermapen and picolaser. PRP treatment only for pore size openings, and acne scars may not produce the desired effect.
In our clinic, we recomend injecting PRP after dermapen or pico-fractional laser.



Orthopedics treatment

PRP therapy has been widely applied to the treatment of sports injuries and disorders as well as osteoarthritis of the knee. PRP therapy with low non-surgical invasion is gaining attention as a new option in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Many athletes have performed PRP therapy for knee and shoulder injuries and continue to be active. Tiger Woods, a professional golfer, recovered from an anterior cruciate ligament injury using PRP therapy and went on to win many titles. Tennis player Rafael Nadal's PRP therapy also became a hot topic.

Infertility treatment

In recent years, PRP therapy has also been applied to infertility treatment, and it is believed that injecting PRP into the uterus activates the endometrium, making it easier for a fertilized egg to implant.

Other treatments

The research and treatment results of PRP therapy have shown its safety and efficacy, and more and more diseases are being treated with PRP therapy.

  • ・bedsore
  • ・ulcer


The biggest advantage of PRP therapy is they have pretty low risk of allergy because it is made from patient's blood and less invasive than any other surgeries and safe.

  • There are less side effects because they are derived of patients' own blood.
  • More effects can be expected with dermapen and pico-fractional laser.
  • It is less invasive becuase you don't undergo surgeries.
  • You'll have less downtime. (3~5 days)

Some may think that the price of regenerative medicine, including PRP therapy, is expensive, but compared to expensive serums, supplements, or expensive esthetic treatments, it is a highly effective treatment that is cost-effective and beneficial in the long run.



Expected effect

Age-reversing therapy

It improves wrinkles and dullness of the skin caused by external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays, it brightens the skin, and restores its elasticity and luster.
The treatment effect of PRP therapy varies from person to person, but the effect begins to appear around 2 weeks after PRP injection, peaks at 3 to 4 months, and lasts for 1 to 18 months. It lasts for about 6 to 12 months.

Dark circle around your eyes

PRP improves the dark circle below your eyes. It helps bring back brighter skin tone.

AGA and FAGA treatment

Injecting PRP into the scalp can make the scalp healthier and the hairs tend to stand up and become thicker. The onset of effects varies by individual, but in general, most patients notice an increase in hair growth in about 2 to 3 months.

Where you inject
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無料カウンセリングお申し込み 無料カウンセリングお申し込み


You can reserve via

online , LINE appor phone.

ご来院 ご来院

Visiting clinic

Please come to clinic as scheduled.

洗顔 洗顔

Washing face

We would like you to cleanse your face so that the doctor can diagnose your skin condition. If you wish to do an exosome infusion, you don't need cleansing.

ヴィジアによる肌診断 ヴィジアによる肌診断

VISIA analysis

We have the VISIA skin analysis in our clinic.
VISIA is an in-depth analysis of your individual facial characteristics.
It lets you see the benefits of skin care programs planned for your specific complexion.

医師によるカウンセリング 医師によるカウンセリング


The doctor will examine you.

麻酔クリーム 麻酔クリーム

Applying anesthetic cream

Anesthetic cream is applied in advance for local PRP injections.

PRPの作成 PRPの作成

Creating PRP

Blood test

Centrifuging blood

Extraction of PRP from the lower plasma layer

Injecting PRP topically
*Injection is done by Bellapro® or direct thin needle.
We recommend injections by Bellapro® for overall skin regeneration, sagging, firmness, and pores. Direct topical injections are recommended for specific wrinkles on the forehead, marionette lines, dark circles under the eyes, and acne scar.

クーリング クーリング


Cooling is performed immediately after PRP injection to cool down redness and heat sensation.

パウダールーム パウダールーム

After the treatment

After injection , do not wash your face or use lotion or emulsion for about 6 hours after the procedure in order to promote the penetration of PRP. We recommend that makeup be applied the following day.

アフターフォロー アフターフォロー


We will follow you up whenever you need.


Pain with injection, redness, swelling, internal bleeding, ichiness
The internal bleeding would fade in 1 to 2 weeks.


Q.Who is not able to receive the treatment?
A. Anyone with cancer.
Anyone who has treated cancer within 5 years.
Anyone who is treating active autoimmune diseases.
Q.Is PRP treatment therapy safe?
A. It is safe because it is made from your own blood, thus you will not have an allergy.
Q.What is the best frequency to receive the treatment?
A. For patients undergoing PRP therapy for the first time, we recommend starting with 3 sessions for skin aging and 5 sessions for the scalp. After that, regular treatments are recommended, such as once every 6 months to a year.
Q.How long does the effect last?
A. The effect lasts for about 1 to 1.5 years, depending on the individual.


PRP therapy
(Regenerative medicine)

Treatment Part Frequency Price
Face and neck Once ¥165,000
3 times ¥445,500
5 times ¥660,000
Eyelids、below the eyes
forehead, laugh lines
Once ¥77,000
3 times ¥207,900
5 times ¥308,000
Neck Once ¥77,000
3 times ¥207,900
5 times ¥308,000
Wrist to fingers Once ¥77,000
3 times ¥207,900
5 times ¥308,000
Clavicle part Once ¥77,000
3 times ¥207,900
5 times ¥308,000
Breast Once ¥165,000
3 times ¥445,500
5 times ¥660,000
Direct injection with thin needle(32G)
Around the eyes
upper lids, lower lids
laugh lines,
acne scars
1 part ¥22,000
2 parts ¥44,000
3 parts ¥55,000
Combination therapy

・acne scars ・anti-aging

Treatment Part Frequency Price
Face Once ¥15,000
3 times ¥40,500
5 times ¥60,000
Face Once ¥20,000
3 times ¥54,000
5 times ¥80,000
Face Once ¥23,100
3 times ¥66,000
5 times ¥107,250
Face Once ¥44,000
3 times ¥118,800
5 times ¥176,000

※Tax all included. ※It is not covered by health insurance.


We provide regenerative medicine accepted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.



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