A bright smile is very attractive, but wrinkles also deepen as you get older. Especially wrinkles around your eyes and forehead tend to stand out as people laugh. These kinds of wrinkles can be treated with botox.


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Botulinum injection is a treatment in which a preparation made from botulinum toxin, a natural protein produced by botulinum bacteria, is injected into the muscle as the active ingredient.


About Botox (Botulinum toxin)

In Japan, Botox is recognized as a treatment for wrinkles, but in fact, Botox is not the name of a treatment but the registered trademark name of a botulinum toxin product manufactured and marketed by Allergan Inc. of the United States.
Botox has been used safely all over the world quite a while.

How Botox works

Botox inhibits the release of acetylcholine (a substance responsible for neuromuscular communication) within nerve endings at the peripheral neuromuscular junction, preventing the transmission of information to contract muscles, thus relaxing them. This action has led to its application in the treatment of various diseases. In recent years, it has also become a popular treatment for wrinkle.



Botox was approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) in 1989 for the treatment of blepharospasm, unilateral facial spasm, and spastic plagiocephaly.Subsequently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA approved Botox for the treatment of facial wrinkles and hyperhidrosis in addition to the mentioned disorders, expanding the use of Botox for cosmetic purposes.
In Japan, Botox Injection was approved for "blepharospasm" in 1996, followed by unilateral facial spasm in 2000, spastic plagiocephaly in 2001, and in November 2012, severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis (*if diagnostic criteria are met).
In aesthetic medicine, Allergan's Botox Vista is the only product approved by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in January 2009, and is now widely used in Japan to treat wrinkles, sharpen faces, and hyperhidrosis.


Botox (Botulinum toxin) in our clinic

We use Botox Vista by Allergan, Inc. Botox Vista is the only product approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare that has been confirmed to be effective and safe through clinical trials in Japan.

Purpose of Botox (Botulinum toxin)

Wrinkles treatment

Wrinkles are formed by contraction of facial muscle. You'll have wrinkle around your eyes when you laugh or smile, you'll have wrinkles betweent your eyebrows when you rown, they come along with common facial expressions. There are individual differences in the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, as we age, our skin loses its elasticity and firmness, and if we continue to make facial expressions over the years, wrinkles can become more obvious. It is common to see wrinkles between the eyebrows or well-defined lines on the forehead without even noticing.
For those whose muscle of lower jaw has a strong contraction power, botox injection is very effective in sharpening the chin.

Making face more sharp and thinner

Masseter Botox requires larger doses of Botox and deeper injections to reach the masseter muscles. This treatment ultimately results in the relaxation of overactive jaw muscles. This leads to a slimmer and more angular facial structure.
The term “gummy smile” also referred to as excessive gingival display, refers to when someone smiles and there is too much gum tissue showing above the top teeth. A small Botox injection at both sides of the nostril and nose to mouth lines helps to weaken the muscles response and make gingival diplay smaller.

Tightening pores

Botulinum injections block acetylcholine receptors in the sebaceous glands, thereby reducing sweat and sebum secretion, which also shrinks pore size, resulting in tighter pores and firmer skin.

hyperhidrosis treatment

Sweating is caused by acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter released by the brain as a result of changes in body temperature regulation, tension, and stress, which stimulates the eccrine glands, one of the sweat glands. Botulinum injections can inhibit sweating by suppressing the transmission of acetylcholine.Botulinum injections can reduce sweating in the armpits, palms, and soles of the feet.

Advantages of botox

Preventive effects

Less wrinkles are likely to be formed when starting injecting it while the wrinkles are still less obvious. You can take preventive measure.

Less burden

The treatment takes only a few minutes and is very safe.

Less downtime

It is very invasive and almost has no downtime with lower risk of side effects.



Overdosing botox

At our clinic, the doctor will inject the correct amount of Botox. However, if an overdose of Botox is given, the facial muscles may temporarily become immobile, causing facial expressions to change.

Patients who can't receive botox treatment

Anyone with following conditions cannot undergo botox injections.

・Anyone who is pregnant or breast feeding
・Anyone with ptosis(*You won't be able to undergo forehead or between eyebrow botox)
・Anyone treating Lambert syndrome or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
・Anyone who has shown allergic reaction to botox
・Anyone with chronic respiratory disorders such as asthma
・Anyone with angle closure glaucoma


Q.Is it painful?
A. There is minimal pain because injection is done by very thin needle. However depending on locations, you are likely to feel more pain. We will perform cooling before injection so that you won't feel a pain.
Q.Can we treat repeatedly?
A. The effects of botox would fade in 4 or 5 months thus periodic injection is recommende every 4 or 5 months.There are some patients who form antibodies to botulinum toxin and therefore become less effective in the long course.
Q.How long does the effect last?
A. It would start to be effective in 2 or 3 days and the effect often lasts for 4 to 5 months.


Botox injection

Treatment Location Frequency Price
Frown lines Once ¥33,000
Crow's feet Once ¥33,000
Chin(Mental crease) Once ¥33,000
Forehead lines Once ¥33,000
Bunny lines Once ¥33,000
Gummy smile Once ¥33,000
Masseter Once ¥66,000
Armpits Once ¥77,000
Shoulders Once ¥77,000

※Tax all included.  ※Treatment in our clinic is not covered by health insurance.




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