"I want to stay young forever"
It is a wish that everyone has. A decade ago, it would have been an unattainable wish, but now that the medicine has advanced, it is possible to make that wish come true by "regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is an advanced therapy that regenerates body tissues damaged by illness, accident, aging, or other reasons. Regenerative medicine has already been used to treat various diseases of the skin, joints, and eyes, and its effectiveness and safety have been proven. At our clinic, we provide adipose-derived stem cell therapy that helps improve physical aging

In this content, detail about adipose-derived stem cell(ADSC) therapy is discussed.


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We provide ADSC therpay as a regenerative medicine. It is a therapy that cultured stem cells extracted from fat cells taken from the patient's body are injected intravenously or injected directly into the affected area to promote tissue repair and regeneration.The key substances here are "stem cells." The detail on stem cell is explained here.



What is stem cell?

Our human body is made up of 37 trillion cells, of about 200 types.
All tissues and organs that create skin, blood vessels, heart, liver, and lungs, are made up of cells.
Each of these cells has a life span, and our bodies are maintained by repeating a process called "differentiation," in which cells that have reached the end of their life span die and new cells are produced. Stem cells play an important role in this differentiation process.
Stem cells are cells with self-renewal (the ability to replicate themselves) and differentiation (the ability to change into cells with specific roles).
It refers to cells that have the ability to produce cells again even after they die. In another words, stem cells can be transformed into cells that build various organs and can replace old cells.

There are several types of stem cells. They are mainly divided into two types: tissue stem cells (adult stem cells) and pluripotent stem cells.

【tissue stem cells】

Tissue stem cells include hematopoietic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells and epidermal stem cells, and these cells are differentiated into specific cell types.

Hematopoietic stem cells

Hematopoietic stem cells are the source of blood cells in the bone marrow. They are used in the treatment of malignant lymphomas and multiple myeloma.

Mesenchymal stem cells

Mesenchymal stem cells(MSCs) are stem cells found in bone marrow, umbilical cord , placenta and adipose tissue, and have the ability to differentiate into bone, cartilage, blood vessels, cardiac muscle cells and etc.

Epidermal stem cells

Epidermal stem cells are tissue stem cells that exist in the epidermis and have the ability to form epidermal tissue. Recently they have been used as cultured epidermal sheets to treat severe burns and other conditions.

【pluripotent stem cells】

Pluripotent stem cells are stem cells that have the ability to differentiate into cells of any tissue. These pluripotent stem cells are artificially produced stem cells, including iPS cells and ES cells.

iPS cells

IPS cells(induced pluripotent stem cells) were first produced from mouse skin in 2006. Later on Professor Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University succeeded in creating human iPS cells, which made him famous.

ES cells

ES cells are Embryonic Stem Cells. ES cells are created using a part of a fertilized egg and culturing it; ES cells have the ability to differentiate into any cells in the body.

Waht is ADSC?

Adipose-derived stem cells(ADSCs) are mesenchymal stem cells that exist in adipose tissue and have high differentiation potentials, and are expected to be used in various therapies.
When mesenchymal stem cells thepay first became available, stem cells were harvested from bone marrow, which had the disadvantage of requiring hospitalization and painful procedures. However later on, research has shown that mesenchymal stem cells can be harvested from umbilical cord blood, placenta, and adipose tissue, etc. In particular, adipose cells contain a large number of mesenchymal stem cells. Moreover harvesting stem cells from adipocytes is easier and less invasive. It causes little damage to the surrounding tissues. Therefore, adipose-derived stem cells are being used more and more often for treatment. At our clinic, board-certified plastic surgeon harvest fat tissue with a little scar. She is an English speaking doctor.



Work of ADSCs

Adipose-derived stem cells secrete a number of growth factors and cytokines (intercellular signaling molecules). Growth factors and cytokines activate cell-to-cell signaling, promote cell proliferation and differentiation, and play an important role in the repair of wounds and inflammation.


The homing effect of stem cells is that stem cells are attracted to damaged or inflamed cells and tissues. The homing effect is a characteristic of stem cells that recognizes signals and information emitted from damaged or inflamed cells and tissues. They move within blood vessels and reach to the damaged or inflammated tissues.
For example, by giving an iv infusion of stem cells to a person with a severely damaged knee, the stem cells will detect signals and information from the damaged knee and gather in that area to repair the damage and inflammation.
In other words, it is the characteristic of stem cells to select areas of the body that are damaged or inflamed and fix them.

Current ADSC therapy

Although many people think of regenerative medicine as a treatment for the future, it is already put into a practice to treat many diseases.

regenerative medicine for skin

It has been reported that there has been an improvement in color and skin texture when adipose-derived stem cells are injected into hypertrophic scars (keloids).
Our regenerative medicine using adipose-derived stem cells can change sagging skin that has lost its elasticity due to aging into youthful skin that is more hydrated and resilient.

regenerative medicine in cardiovascular system

It regenerates blood vessels and improves cardiac function.
For example, it has been confirmed that multiple injections of adipose-derived stem cells into the lower extremities of patients with artery disorders such as diabetes, thromboangiitis obliterans, and vasculitis can form new blood vessels. There are also many reports that adipose-derived stem cells have differentiated cardiomyocytes and restored the heart function after a myocardial infarction.

Regenerative medicine in orthopedics

Adipose-derived stem cells can differentiate into osteoblasts (the source of bone) and chondroblasts (the source of cartilage) and have been shown to be effective in various orthopedic diseases. In recent years, regenerative medicine treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee has become popular as a fundamental treatment for an increasing number of patients in Japan.

Regenerative medicine in autoimmune diseases

Regenerative therapy has also been used for systemic lupus erythematosus, systemic scleroderma, Sjögren's syndrome and Crohn's disease. There have been reports of closure of intestinal fistulas after transplantation of stem cells in patients with Crohn's disease, an inflammatory bowel disease. There is also a report that new cells began to secrete insulin when administered to a patient with diabetes mellitus type 1 who had no insulin secretion due to an autoimmune disease.

As described above, regenerative medicine is a promising therapy that can restore recovery from diseases that were previously thought to be difficult to treat. Furthermore, the effectiveness of regenerative medicine in treating cerebral infarction, spinal cord injury, ALS, and Parkinson's disease has recently been proven, and high expectations are being placed on its future use.


Adipose-derived stem cells have also been found to promote the production of type 1 collagen and hyaluronic acid by fibroblasts in our skin. We directly inject ADSC into the skin for the purpose of regeneration of skin. We injetc intravenously for the purpose of regeneration of physical aging. When intravenously injected、as explained beforethe homing effect brings adipose-derived stem cells to migrate to the site of injury, where they promote cell differentiation and repair.
The doctor will suggest the most effective administration method depending on the condition.



You can choose to store your cells in the cellbank. The advantage of this is that once the stem cells are cryopreserved, they can be used whenever you want to perform the treatment. It is also possible to store fat-derived stem cells from a younger age and keep them for a later transplantation.



無料カウンセリングお申し込み 無料カウンセリングお申し込み


You can take a reservation

onlineorLINE app or phone.

ご来院 ご来院

Visiting clinic

Please come to the clinic as scheduled.

オーダーメイド美肌再生治療のご提案 オーダーメイド美肌再生治療のご提案

Proposal of treatment

We will propose a treatment that is tailored to your needs.

診察 診察


Before deciding on a treatment, we carefully listen to the patient's concerns and accurately diagnose the skin condition.
We have the VISIA skin analysis in our clinic.
VISIA is an in-depth analysis of your individual facial characteristics.
It lets you see the benefits of skin care programs planned for your specific complexion.

血液検査 血液検査

Blood test

Since fat cells are harvested from the abdomen to obtain adipose-derived stem cells, the patient is checked for infectious diseases prior to treatment.

脂肪の採取 脂肪の採取

Fat harvest

The method of harvesting fat cells from the abdomen can be performed with less damage to the surrounding area and less pain. A small wound is made on the abdomen and fat is harvested from there. After harvesting fat, the wound is sutured so that it can heal neatly.

細胞の培養 細胞の培養

Culturing cells

The fat taken is transferred in a sterile environment to a fully equipped cell processing center. The stem cells in the tissue are separated and multiplied in the laboratory using blood serum also taken from you. It takes at least 5 to 6 weeks to culture the cells to reach 100 million.

培養された幹細胞の移植 培養された幹細胞の移植

Transplanting stem cells

We will inject either intravenously or directly into skin depending on your concern.

アフターフォロー アフターフォロー


We will do the follow-up after 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.


It takes at least 2 months from counseling to completion of adipose-derived stem cells therapy as the flow described above.We will schedule the date of your treatment as you wish.

Intravenous infusion

It takes 60~120 mins to complete the IV treatment.

Direct skin injection

When injecting directly into the face ,an anesthetic cream is applied to the face for one hour before the injection. The anesthetic cream is then removed little by little while the fat-derived stem cells are carefully injected into the face by bellapro® injector.


Q.Is ADSC therapy categoraized as regenerative medicine??
A. Yes. ADSC therapy is a regenerative medicine that is only performed in the hospital or clinic approved by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Ginza Beauty Medical Clinic is the official clinic approved for regenerative medicine by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Q.Can we use health insurance??
A. No, the treatment performed in our clinic is not covered by health insurance.
Q.How long does it take to receive 1 course of treatment?
A. It takes at least 2 months from the first visit to actually receive treatment, including 5 to 6 weeks of culturing. It also depends on the schedule of cell processing center.
Q.How are the stem cells harvested?
A. We'll make a small cut on your abdomen and harvest a little amount of fat. The cut will be neatly sutured.
Q.How are the stem cells harvested?
A. The harvested fat will be sent to cell processing center which is officially approved by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
It takes at least 6 weeks to culture 100 millions of stem cells.


Adipose-derived stem cells are extracted from your own fat cells, so there is almost no risk of allergic reaction.
There was only 1 case of side effects of thrombosis in the past in Japan.


ADSCs IV transfusion
(Regenerative medicine type 2)

Treatment Detail Amount of stem cells Price
First consultation
・blood test fee
・fat harvest
100 million Please ask the clinic
200 million Please ask the clinic

※Tax included.  ※The treatment performed in our clinic is not covered by health insurance.


We provide regenerative medicine approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare



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